Welcome to High Quarters.

HQ is our exclusive restaurant-lounge experience where members can enjoy an elevated cocktail, order our products, grab a tasty bite, catch up with old friends, and get to know new ones.


This is a safe space suited for the cannaseur who follows an elevated lifestyle and enjoys the experience and ambience of a

casual night out in New York City.

Staying safe

The health of our members and their guests is our top priority,

so we're practicing the following precautions for COVID-19:

-All tables are placed 6 feet apart, and guests are required to wear masks when not seated-

-Our staff is required to wear masks and sanitize hands at all times.

-All dabbing & smoking materials, tables, glassware, and silverware are disinfected before and after each use-


There's more than one way to elevate at HQ. Sip on our craft specialty infused beverages, roll one up, or take a dab (or two) at your table.


Our restaurant partner offers

a full menu with authentic

flavor in every bite. Order 


Table service is provided by our professional staff, bringing our full line of elevated products right to your table. 


The HQ lounge is  a cozy atmosphere curated carefully for the elevated cannabis consumer to work, play, elevate, or a mix of all three.

Questions? Give us a shout!

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